My First Wheels…

So we all know how important our first cars can be. It is the car which you make all your memories with, the scrapes, the near misses and also the first one you take your friends around in to show off your newly learnt skills. It is also the first car you feel free and independent in, it becomes your space and the one you own and have all your awkward moments in. It is not your first house, but your first real ‘practical’ item that you own.

My first car was a Nissan Micra, it was a closest thing that i could get to a Volkswagen Beetle and i was completely in love with it. It was purple and so so adorable and i christened her Minnie because she looked so scared on the road next to the big gas guzzlers.

Only issue was that it was a victim of the cliche where it was constantly breaking down. It had so many problems from having defective parts to having some splendid breakdowns including its clutch collapsing on a  busy road about. I ended up being towed through lots of traffic and a one way system Рan experience i never want to go through again.

I had some great memories in there too, from getting stuck in tiny car parks when my parking skills were zero and i couldn’t figure out how on earth to navigate out of it, to driving to Canterbury for my best friend’s wedding. I always remember fondly how driving on the motorway meant that i could not go past 60mph or the car would start to shake and feel like it was going to roll over at any minute.It exasperated my family and friends but i was just in love with it.

In the end, the car did just die on me and refused to move. It developed an electrical fault, one which mechanics and the Nissan dealership could not figure what on earth it was. I had a good year with this car, she served myself as a first time driver pretty well and she tried her best to soldier on right till the very end.

I now drive a much sportier model of a Seat Ibiza but i still remember Minnie fondly, she had a good heart but just couldn’t muster up the courage to stay well on the mean roads of London.¬†

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