Moving forward in 2021

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2020 has been a tough year. This year cannot be about New Year’s Resolutions, instead it is about moving forward. Here is how I will be making a fresh start.

New Year’s resolutions are a big no-no this year. It seems pointless to be making plans and having goals when it seems that the upcoming months are unpredictable enough. 2020 was such a tough year and we are still navigating through all the uncertainty.

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I have to admit that despite all the negativity of 2020, I found my joy in the birth of my little boy and my life changed. The pandemic had to be left at the front door while I adopted my new role in life as a new mum and took on the role single handedly. It was tough, hard work and honestly very isolating but it meant that I had to learn how to do it all on my own. I have spoken ALOT on here about my struggles here so I am not going to go into that, but it does mean that I have got a new perspective on what I hope to aim to achieve this year.

2020 also taught us all about life and what really matters in life. Looking back at my life pre-lockdown, I used to spend 4 hours commuting to and from work on the tube. I was never apprehensive about getting on tubes that were already packed and it was all a part of my daily life. Actually, I don’t think I even stopped to think about the time commuting was taking away from really mattered most, my personal health and my personal time.

I also discovered that I actually liked to cook. Before I used to see it as a trial and evening meals were haphazardly thrown together to just have something to eat, before I woke up the next day and did it all again. I have really enjoyed cooking my own meals every night, trying out new recipes and I have to say, I have even eaten vegetables that I would never have eaten before.

Video calls have become my new normal. I must spend at least a couple of hours talking to my mum and my friends and it has been my lifeline. These calls have been the only thing that have been keeping me sane during these lockdowns.

Fashion truly disappeared for me in 2021. I gave up wanting to dress up everyday and honestly loungewear has become my everyday were. To be very honest, there were days when I never stopped wearing my pyjamas. I have now got to the point where I make the effort to at least wake up each day, get dressed into a fresh loungewear co-ord and get my skincare on. It makes me feel like I have made an effort each day.

Loungewear gifted from FemmeLuxe

So here are a few of my goals for this new year:

Be the best I can be

I want to be the best I can be for me, for my family and for my little boy. This means that I will continue to try and be positive, stay happy and healthy and continue to work on my little space on the internet.

Continue to create

Create in every way I possibly can. I love to paint and I have lost this as a hobby as I have grown up, so I want to go back to that. I want to continue to work on my blog and I am loving being a part of Vix Meldrew’s Grow and Glo community and it is making me want create more content.

That’s it, nothing too complicated this year and nothing too trying. Let’s face it, 2021 is going to have its challenges and we are not on the other side of this pandemic yet. We can get through this, let’s stick together and take care of one another.

Sanoobar x

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