Movie Review: ‘The Campaign’

Starring: Will Ferrel, Zach Galifianakis
Star rating: ***

Seeing the trailers for this film made me expect the usual comic chaos which usually follows a Zach Galifiankis and Will Ferrel film. The complete illogical previews of the film meant that i expect a laugh-out-loud political comedy with some very inappropriate jokes thrown in along the way. With the Obama-Romney election race as a backdrop, this political satire was meant to deflect from the realities of the political world.

Congressman Cam Brady is an appalling politician who is a married -womaniser and has the unfortunate tendency for always getting into trouble. After leaving a very sexual phone message by mistake on a very strict Christian family’s answering machine, his poll numbers start taking a nosedive leading to the funders of political campaign to start searching for a new candidate. They select chief Marty Higgins (Galifiankis), a local tourism rep, and the campaign quickly turns dirty as both fight to become the next Congressman.

This film does try desperately to be funny but it does fail on many accounts. I can’t see to find either of the characters convincing as both of them turn into stereotypes of their characters. A lot of the comedic values are orientated towards an American audience and i simply did find myself losing track of what was going on at some points. The film is entertaining but at no means at the same level of previous films by either Ferrel or Galifiankis. 

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