Movie Review: Oz the Great and Powerful

Starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and others
Star rating ***

Ever since i had seen the trailers for this film, i wanted to see it. The CGI seemed impressive and i have always been a bit of a sucker for a fantasy film. There has always been something about Wizard of Oz that has got me, may be its the idea of one girl finding her way on a long adventure that always appeals to me. James Franco has been getting in the film business and his witty charm seemed to be perfect for his role. Michelle Williams was equally excited about this film and said she was glad to be playing a role that her daughter could watch and enjoy. This film certainly had all the leading ladies to make it a great success.

Oscar Diggs, Oz to his friends (James Franco), is your average fair magician who has the way with the ladies and knows how to tell a lie or two to get his own way. After one particular unfortunate episode, he ends in a hot air balloon which together with a tornado, lands in Oz. This is where Theodora (Mila Kunis) discovers him and assumes that he is the wizard which will help the kingdom be freed from the Wicked Witch’s rule. From then on, the adventure continues where Oz learns that not everything is what it seems in the kingdom.

There is no doubt that the CGI used in this film are awe inspiring, from the tornado scene to the adventure through the land of Oz, you really do feel as though you in the film with the characters. One of the best examples of this has got to be the monkey voiced by Zach Braff who is brilliant as the sarcastic yet adorably devoted sidekick for Oz. Franco plays the role of the lothario with finesse and even his devious ways enrapture the audience into sympathising with him. Weisz is at her brilliant best and her costumes are beautiful. Kunis could have had a bigger role in the story and her character is just not developed well enough in the film. 
The storyline had many flaws. Firstly, Franco’s characters sudden transformation in to the ‘good guy’ was too sudden and he did not seem to get his redemption in the film at all. Michelle Williams at some points in the film, just comes across as a bit too sappy. It would have been good to see a more grown up take on the story and that is where the film fell down. Aside for some comic moments, there is not much there in the way of substance. A pass time film is a more appropriate label for this take on a classic tale. 

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