Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Star rating: ***

Batman V Superman has to be one of the most hyped superheroes films this year. It has been plastered over the billboards, press and the promos have been on every visual channel possible. I was incredibly excited to see this film. Critics had already come out with their criticism for the film so it had made me anxious but i was desperate to see it for myself.


I am not going to ruin the storyline for those of you who have not watched it yet but this film does try to seek the age old answer which unfortunately is left unanswered – At what point does a superhero stop being the hero and become a vigilante? Batman and Superman have become the ultimate saviours in their respective cities, Gotham and Metropolis but the damage they leave in their wake is starting to be questioned by the people. They are starting to realise that having super humans in the midst means that they are faced with the moral dilemma of the human tragedies mankind is left to clear up as the aftermath. The humans are also starting to fear Superman and the fact that his lack of vulnerabilities means he cannot be stopped. Honestly, i wish this concept had been further developed in the film and had reached some sort of conclusion. It is briefly touched upon and then moves on to another storyline.

That is my next concern with this film, the film is paced all wrong. It is much too slow in places, to the point where the audience starts to lose interest and gives up before the main action scenes. The build up needed to be choppier. The reason the pace is so slow is because there are just too many storylines woven into it. Did we really need to see the Flash and Aquaman? In fact the way Doomsday is introduced into the story is just ridiculous, without any rhyme or reason. Doomsday becomes the main focus of the story. What should have been the main focus surely should have been the ultimate superhero fight, Batman V Superman, which is what the audience came looking for. In fact, their fight scene is short and much too concise in the way it concludes.

Batman-V-Superman-Dawn-of-Justice-Henry-Cavill-Amy-Adams-Laurence-Fishburne5This brings me onto my next point, Lois Lane. Lois is a fantastic character but in this film, she is turned into a helpless damsel in distress who just needs Superman to rescue her. She is purely in this film as the love interest and makes no real contribution till the very end. Lex Luthor has similar issues, he is cast all wrong and his psychotic episodes are more humorous to the audience than making us think that ‘woah he is going to create chaos’.

batman-vs-superman-ew-pics-5The one person who i definitely felt redeemed his character was surprisingly Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Though his casting was widely criticised, he is brilliant as Batman. He is not as¬†smooth as Christian Bale’s Superman, instead Affleck is grittier and he bumbles and makes mistakes which makes him more human to the audience. I have never liked Batman as a character but in this film, i like him and he is appealing as the hero who starts to question whether Superman is the ultimate answer. The voice changer is also well used and makes him much more believable as Batman.


Superman is in fact humanised in this film too. We see him taking bubble baths and cooking breakfast but the storyline that he is given really lets him down. Much of the storyline centres around him, yet it is hard to care about a character who comes across as rather arrogant and looks as though he wants to do what he wants, without a great amount of care being shown. He does come across to a certain extent as selfish and only caring about the people he loves.

batman-vs-superman-dawn-of-justice-will-gal-gadot-s-wonder-woman-be-more-than-a-love-int-444466 Finally Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. This is one character who i wish had been given more screen time. She is a great actress and gets the aloofness of Wonder Woman down to a tee but there should have been more interaction between her and the two heroes. Getting a taste of her character does make me look forward to seeing her film coming up soon.

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