Morroco: A mini break away…


When it comes to the cold wintry months in the UK, i need to have a few days away and just see the sun. The long dull dark days in London do start to get me down and i always need a good pick me up and this usually is in the form of a break away.

When i came across a great holiday deal travelling to Morocco, i jumped at the chance and headed off with the promise sun sea and sand, my three favourite s’s in the world. On arriving to Morocco, i was surprised by the way the country felt so much like it was in the midst of the early days of Dubai with rural areas, busy roads and a lot of housing and hotels being developed alongside the freshly paved motorways. We were staying in Agadir in the Sofitel Thalassa Spa hotel and it was literally a piece of heaven. We had an all inclusive deal so all the food was provided for and it was delicious. Every meal was beautifully made and it also personal chefs on hand to make pastas and pizzas just the way you wanted to. There were private beaches and a spa on hand if you didn’t want to venture outside and just relax by the pool.




Much of our time in Morocco was spent lounging around by the pool and taking in the sun’s rays or in my case, becoming incredibly burnt. We did book a day trip out to Marrakech to get the city ticked off our list and it is unlike anywhere else i have been before. I loved the fact that the hotel still has kept its cultural heritage and on our group tour, we had the chance to discover old palace courtyards and see how the Moroccan royals all those years ago. We also visited their main market and had the chance to shop around for souvenirs but i suggest that you do shop around, prices can vary massively between different shops.









Morocco was a lovely trip away and i really enjoyed myself, just being able to get away from the daily routine and have some time to recuperate and discover the streets of Morocco was an adventure. Would i go again? Maybe to spend more time in Marrakech. We were a bit out of the way staying in Agadir so i would like to be more central to the country in the future.

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