Mini Life Update

yourphotoHey guys,

It has been a while since i have put up a post or video on my YouTube channel so i thought i would just give you a quick life update. I have just come back from a trip to New York and am going on a work trip to Rome so i am desperately trying to recharge my batteries in between.

Lately, i have been feeling rather demotivated with my blog and channel and have not really felt like posting anything. I did vlog throughout my trip in New York and i have just not had the time or motivation to edit the videos and get them posted up. I feel like i am tired all the time and have no inclination to be creative in my down time. I guess everyone who does the same as me feels like this sometimes and i am at that point at the moment. I am sure i will kick the feeling soon.

I have been having issues with my acne flaring up recently which has made me a bit more self conscious to be on camera. It is incredibly vain but whenever i get these break outs, i don’t like the way i look and i don’t even want to look at myself in the mirror. I have been avoiding going to the gym too because i don’t want to be out without make up. I just hope i do start feeling more confident again soon and get back to it with my blog and channel.

Sanoobar x

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