Milan Fashion Week: Moschino

The big Moschino debate. I have to say that this is one designer i don’t really rave about, it is too street for me as a label and i prefer simpler elegant designs in comparison. However, when my Twitter feed went crazy with updates from this particular show yesterday, i had to see what the fuss was about. American designer Jeremy Scott has heavily borrowed inspirations from mass American culture, dressing his models in chocolate wrappers, tangy red McDonalds inspired uniforms and even Spongebob was not spared the catwalk. The big question is, is it vulgar or is it fashion?
I think it is a mixture of both. The designs are fun and totally crazy to look at and wear but this is what fashion is about, having a little bit of fun. Some of the trends reflected what has been happening in streetwear for a while, with the Bambi Givenchy jumper, Mickey Mouse ears hoodies and Spongebob sweatshirts becoming favourites in the high street stores. It was only a matter of time before they hit the catwalk. 
A fun collection and a trend to play with in the coming months. 

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