Mega Sightseeing: Bus Tour of London with MegaBus

I went to on a Bus Tour of London with MegaBus and completely loved rediscovering the city from a bus rooftop on one of the hottest days in London.

Sightseeing in any city can be expensive and not always worth it. Sightseeing in your own home town has its own little pleasures and on one sunny evening during the abnormal heatwave we had a couple of weeks ago, I was invited alongside other bloggers and writers to experience MegaBus’ brand new bus tour. We were instructed to meet under the London Eye and awaited what would happen next.

We started off the evening with a VIP London Eye experience escorted by Megabus very own mascot Sid. We were treated to a drink of our choice and gathered around our pod to marvel at how beautiful London looked below our feet.

Once we had our visit to the London Eye, we were taken to the sparkling new MegaBus to start on our rooftop tour of London.

The bus took us to pretty much every single big landmark in London. From riding onto Tower Bridge, Whitehall, Downing Street to the Shard, we got to see every landmark in its glory without any tube trains or buses to change over. We were sat in the comfort of the bus and took every advantage of the beautiful evening as the sun set over the city. It was so peaceful to watch the world go by and listen to the commentary about all the different historical landmarks.

I loved seeing the city by MegaBus and would highly recommend it to someone who loves the city as much as I do and or is seeing London for the very first time. The best part of the tour is that it is so inexpensive, they are priced from just £1 and last up to 2 hours. I would definitely recommend it as a summer activity with the family.

To book your tour, see here.

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