Meeting Matthew Santoro at #YouTubeSpaceLon


I was invited to the launch mega YouTuber Matthew Santoro’s book launch at YouTube Space London last weekend. Those of you who don’t know who Matt is, he is a Canadian YouTuber who is obsessed with facts and does these brilliant informative yet humorous videos about facts from all over the world on a wide range of topics. If you want to check him out, here he is:



The event was great. They had fans of Matt’s channel take part in a quiz show answering questions about his life and the things he had spoken about in his videos. Everyone then had an opportunity to meet him and get your books signed by him. Matt was really lovely in real life and so happy to just talk about life and things which interested everyone attending the event. I would recommend to everyone to check out his channel because he does do some fantastic videos which are worth a watch.

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