Mary Poppins Returns at Harvey Nichols London

Mary Poppins is a classic and Harvey Nichols bought a bit of the Poppins magic to London with their cherry blossom bubble and interactive experience. 

Mary Poppins Returns is releasing this weekend and why not get in the mood at Harvey Nichols in London with their live experience. We arrived on the fifth floor of the store and were guided to the Canvas area, their experience area on the floor, set amongst their food hall and bar area. 

Coming into the area, we were met with a hat stand which had the famous tapestry bag and mirror which called me perfect so that made me smile. Turning the corner, the snow globe was in the centre of the room with faux old fashioned looking lamp posts and faux cherry blossom trees. The plastic snow globe had a carefully executed entrance through the back and once inside, we had a great time throwing around the faux cherry blossom petals and playing up to the camera. 

It was great to feel like Mary Poppins for a day and have the chance to play in the snow globe. We played around with poses and the petals and tried our best to simulate fun and flirty poses under the fans inside the snow globe. The cherry blossom trees got me in the mood for the Sakura in Japan next year. The details for the film have been laced throughout the store and I would highly recommend a visit. 

I can’t wait to see the film today and get a sprinkle of Poppins magic added to the festive season. Mary Poppins has so many happy memories for so many people, I really do think that Emily Blunt will be a great replacement for Julie Andrews. For more information about the experience see here

Sanoobar x

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