Marc Jacobs Beauty at Christmas

Marc Jacobs Beauty is not a new thing. In fact the beauty line has been around since a number of years but it is only just becoming mainstream in the UK. Thanks to Influenster, I was kindly invited to get a Christmas look at the Marc Jacobs beauty counter at John Lewis. I was nervous about it as I had heard mixed reviews about their beauty products so I wasn’t sure what to expect. On arrival, I was greeted by the amazing Jaysam who immediately got me talking about looks that I wanted to try out and what looks he thought would suit me, this immediately put me at ease. We decided on a sultry eye look using only eyeshadows channelling Marc Jacob’s famous dressed eye look.

The Marc Jacobs eye palette he used on me was ‘Glambition‘ a beautiful mix of bronze, golds and browns, perfect to create a sultry eye. As Jaysam talked me through the palette, I was in awe of how well pigmented the shadows were and layered with their eye primer, they went on so smoothly and beautifully. He worked the lighter shadows as a base and then created the shadows using the darker shadows. I loved his technique as he worked the shadows on to my eyelids, creating the perfect dressed eye. Next up, he tight lined my waterline with the famous Marc Jacobs highline gel eye pencil, the softest eye pencil I have ever felt, and then finished off the look with the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara.

I loved the finish look, it is just the way I would want to do a Christmas beauty look and it doesn’t feel so ‘doll like’ as I see on others. I had a great time trying out the Marc Jacobs beauty products and have definitely put some of them on my Christmas wish lists, especially the eye shadow palettes. I actually ended up buying myself one of their lipsticks as that red lip was too hard to resist.

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