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When i went to the Blogosphere Valentines Tea this year, i was very kindly gifted these Glo & Ray products. They were in the back of my make up drawer until i stumbled upon them having a clear out and i have been trialling them since the last couple of weeks. The three that i tried were:


La Amo Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour

I have no shortage of red lipsticks, they are my fail safe when it comes to brightening up a look or bringing an outfit together. When i swatched this lipstick, i was struck by the way it glided on so smoothly. It doesn’t have the longevity of some of my other red lipsticks but it isn’t as drying as either. It is perfect for being a throw on red lipstick and my lips stay hydrated all day.


Longwear Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Ever since i tried out the Illamasqua gel eyeliner, i didn’t look elsewhere for an alternative. However when i went away on a mini break, i discovered the Glo and Ray liquid eyeliner in my handbag. It goes on so beautifully and it is smudgeproof, once its on, the only thing getting this stuff off is an oil based make up remover.  The nib on the eyeliner is so fine and the formula dries instantly so you have a lot more control over the product. It is so good and for its price point, it is definitely one that i will be repurchasing.


Perfect Arch Sculpting Brow Pencil

I am one of the rare beauty bloggers who honestly does nothing with their eyebrows apart from getting them threaded every two weeks. However when my eyebrow lady gets a bit happy with her thread, i sometimes need to fill them in. This brow pencil does the job but honestly i don’t use enough eyebrow products to have an opinion on this one.


Overall i am really impressed by the Glo & Ray make up range. It is affordable and the packing is so sleek and weighty too like luxury make up lines. I really love their eyeliner and it is so worth every penny.

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