Mademoiselle Prive at the Saatchi Gallery


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited i was to go and visit this exhibition. I am a devoted follower of Chanel so when i heard that Mademoiselle Prive was coming to London, i jumped at the chance to go and see it. The exhibition is about the life and legacy of Coco Chanel and features a short film which is a reimagined encounter between Ms Chanel and Karl Lagerfield. As soon as you enter, you are met with the mirrored staircase from Chanel’s salon where Coco was well known to observe the audience’s reactions secretly.

The exhibition notes key moments in Chanel’s life, from her opening her first hat shop to her summer vacations in Scotland, they are all shown in a very visual and interactive way. The Chanel brand is seen throughout the three floors of the Saatchi Gallery from the black trim white corridors to the sensory experience where visitors can smell the fragrances which go into Chanel No. 5. Though i didn’t try it, visitors can also download the app for the exhibition and make parts of it come to life on their phones.

I loved visiting the exhibition and thought it was well worth it. For more information about the exhibition, see here.










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