London’s most instagrammable cafe Elan Cafe

The Elan Cafe in London is the most instagrammable spot in London, complete with flower walls and delicious desserts.

Unless you have been living completely off instagram, you will know that the Elan Cafe has become THE most instagrammable spot in London. Whether you are a fashionista, blogger or a simple lover of all things pink and floral, the cafe is brimming with girls vying to get inside and have a seat at one of those insta famous tables. We arrived on weekday afternoon and were told that there would be a half an hour wait and that is good considering the HUGE queues that are outside the cafe on an average day. We were happy to wait whilst a table came available and took about a thousand photos on a table outside the cafe.

When we arrived, we were seated and given menus to starting choosing the most delectable thing we wanted to eat on the menu. On arrival, I was in awe of the dessert display with every single one looking even more delicious than the last.

From the infamous Elan coloured croissants to the vegan desserts, it was so hard to make a choice. As I was starving, I initially decided to get some brunch with eggs and avocado on toast and some sweet potato fries. We did end up waiting a while for our food to arrive but we were happy to take even more photos on the inside. The decor is simply beautiful with faux flowers on every wall, desserts artfully displayed and the service being impeccable.

I devoured every bite of the food and honestly enjoyed every single bite. The cafe was closing early for a blogger event so it began to quieten down as we ate. We were very kindly directed to the back of the store to take some photos against their flower wall.

We decided to get a hot chocolate and a strawberry tart afterwards to nibble on as we enjoyed our afternoon. The food was so good and I was stuffed by the time I finished my meal. Elan Cafe have definitely got their formula right in the way they have set themselves up and it is so easy to while away the afternoon in such a girly cafe.

I had a great time at the Elan Cafe and honestly it was worth the wait. I am already ready to go back and get even more photos taken.

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  1. Grace
    June 6, 2018 / 11:56 am

    Well this place looks gorgeous. Just as pretty as Peggy Porschen, but without the queues I bet!

    Grace x

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