Detective Pikachu pop up: First look at London’s first Pokemon cafe

Detective Pikachu is due to release this weekend and I went along to London’s first Pokemon cafe to enjoy Pikachu themed hot drinks and get involved in the fun.

You remember Pikachu right? The cute, furry, very yellow character from Pokemon who only knows how to say his own name and gives electric shock. Let’s all face it, growing up watching Pokemon in the 1990s made us fall in love with him. He was adorable and gave his Pokemon Master attitude, he was the best. So when I heard that London was getting its very first Detective Pikachu themed cafe for a weekend, I had to go and check it out.

We were given a timed wristband and made to wait in a huge queue of fellow Pokemon fans. I honestly thought there would be loads of kids but not one in sight. Instead, adults such as me who had nostalgic memories of Pokemon and the little darling Pikachu.

On entry, we were given the chance to take photos in a Pikachu themed photo booth. The wall was covered in ‘Pikachu fur’ and of course, it was bright yellow. We then headed to the electric shock booth where we had photos taken with Pika’s lightning bolt. Finally, there was the Jigglypuff karaoke which was great fun, as we sang along to the Detective Pikachu soundtrack.

We finished up with Pikachu hot drinks, I had a hot chocolate with a Detective Pikachu imprint. We had a great time at the pop up and even though it was busy, it was definitely worth a visit. I really hope it comes back into town again and I am now looking forward to the movie releasing this weekend!

Sanoobar x

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