London Super Comic Con 2015



It is safe to say that i was sceptical about London Super Comic Con. One because i have never considered comic cons a place where i have wanted to visit and two because i have always thought of them as places for die hard fans who want to strut around as their favourite superheroes/comic book characters. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the whole experience and felt very welcome into the world of comic book action. On entry to the London ExCel Exhibition centre, i was struck by the sheer amount of adoration and enthusiasms the fans had for their beloved action heroes and i couldn’t help but feel like i was being swept away with their enthusiasm.

I had the opportunity to meet John Romita Jr who is a comic book artist who has illustrated for the likes of the Spiderman comics to the Hulk and X-Men comics too. He was incredibly charming and happy to pose with me for photos. I will definitely be considering attending next year!




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