London Fashion Week: Timur Kim

Hair was worn au naturel at Timur Kim

It is that time of year again where fashion takes over the capital and we mere Londoners get the chance to see how the other half live. Courtesy of the lovely ladies at Pop PR, i was invited along to Freemason’s Hall in Holborn, London to check out Timur Kim. From what i could gather, Mr Kim is a new designer but his clothes were to die for. I always find that designers at fashion week usually go out of their way to come out with the most ridiculous piece of clothing, to the contrary, Mr Kim’s collection is wearable and chic.

Printed materials seem to be the way the fash pack are going this winter with comfortable shoes, hurrah. I was impressed by how natural the models were kept with extremely natural make up and hair, could it be that the fashion world is finally embracing natural beauty? Only time will tell!

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