Starring Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore
Star rating: *

Mother daughter relationships and films based around this concept are as old as time. They are always about misunderstood the relationship is and how mothers and daughters all have their own issues. However, this film is more than that as it was shot when Demi Moore was going through her separation from Ashton Kutcher. The publicity for this film was dwarfed by the speculation of how Demi’s role in this film reflected her personal issues so it didn’t hit the big screen as it should have done.

Miley Cyrus plays Lola aka Lol who is your typical teenager whose major concern is about who she is dating and her friends. She spends most of her time awake hanging out with her friends and pondering whether her relationship with her best friend Kyle (Douglas Booth) should develop into something more meaningful. Her mother is frazzled Anne (Demi Moore) who really doesn’t know what to do with her handful of a daughter and has her own complicated relationship with her ex-husband.

If you are looking for major revelations from this film, you will not get any and the happy ending is loosely explained. Shot as a family drama, the film muddles along with one mini drama after another and you can’t help but feel that some of the plotlines should have been better explained. Kyle’s dilemma of his father thinking he knows better could have been given some more importance as no parent would change his mind just by seeing his son perform in a small town band contest. To their credit, Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus do a good job at portraying a believable mother daughter relationship which is less about duty and more about trust.

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