Lily Pebble’s Book Launch in London at Space NK, Covent Garden

I have been watching Lily Pebbles since she first started and when I heard that she was releasing her own book, I was so excited. There are not many youtubers/bloggers out there who write for my age group. I am not like a thousand years old but when you are finally growing up, settling down (god I hate that phrase ‘settling down’), you want role models and people who you follow to be having the same experiences as you. Bloggers like Lily, The Anna Edit, Fleur De Force, all got married around the same time as me and have been having similar experiences to me so I adore catching up with them every week. Anyway enough waffling, let’s get on with talking about the book launch.

On a lovely evening with Jess Morgans (her amazing blog is here), I headed to the Space NK Covent Garden to spend the evening with Lily. When we arrived at the event, we were given a Space NK goody bag which included Lily’s book and lots of Space NK beauty products. We were handed a drink and left to mingle as we waited for the event to begin. The event was small and intimate, which worked really well as you could chat to Lily, try out the products and meet other fellow Lily fans.

Lily chatted to the whole group about her book and she explained her creative process and how she arrived to the book ‘The F Word’. She spoke to us about female friendships and how complicated they can be and how we shouldn’t be afraid to make new friends at any age. It was great to talk to her and we even had the chance to get our books signed and speak to her one on one. I even asked Lily about her love for IGK products and in my excitement, I completely forgot what she had recommended and had to go back and ask her again!

It was such a pleasure to meet Lily in person and chat to her one on one. We had a great time and I want to thank her for organising such a fantastic event.

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