Life of Pi 3D

Having read this book, i was interested to see how this film would translate on to the big screen. Ang Lee, the director has many films like this under his belt so i was expecting an adventure which would take my breath away. The casting of Bollywood actors Irfaan Khan and Tabu had me curious to see how they would play out their roles because lets face it, Bollywood actors get the most ridiculous Hollywood role. Need i remind of you of Aishwarya Rai’s Bride and Prejudice? Anyway, i was really looking forward to this film and the fact it would be in 3D made me even more excited.
The film begins in Montreal, Canada where a middle aged Piscine Molitar ‘Pi’ Patel (Irfaan Khan) is talking to a French writer about his story as a child. We end up in French India where the streets resemble the South of France and where Pi’s father runs a zoo in the state’s garden. Young Pi (Suraj Sharma) is intrigued by life around him and his faith in God takes prevalence in his curiosity. He absorbs religions around him, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity and takes it upon himself to pray to God in the broadest way possible. Due to financial difficulties, Pi’s family decide to relocate to Canada and off they go on a Japanese freight ship. This is where disaster strikes and Pi ends up on a lifeboat accompanied by a Bengal Tiger, Richard Parker.

To say i was in awe of this film is an understatement. Ang Lee has bought the book to life with some magical special effects and this film shows off CGI to its utmost potential. From the magnificent tiger to the violent thrashing sea, no expense has been spared to portray such a brilliant tale to the audience. The film does take time to get going as the first half is narrative about Pi’s early days as a young boy. Irfaan Khan does brilliantly as the older Pi who has lived life in an unconventional way. Suraj Sharma does a great job as the younger Pi and his sheer exasperation at the sea and the Gods that he believes in, comes across well to the audience. I am not so sure about how to feel about the storyline to be honest, but even as a book it bewildered me. It is one of those films that you have to accept for the way it is and the fact that it is meant to be something magical rather than something logical. This film is a must see for those of you who want to be in awe of a film this year and it is a great ending to a fantastic year of cinema. 

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