Jo Malone with Alex Steinherr

Jo Malone hosted a beauty event with Alex Steinherr and I had to go along and find out about her favourite fragrances and what combinations go well together.

Jo Malone is one fragrance brand that I have always admired from afar. It is my dream fragrance so when I saw that Alex Steinherr, my favourite beauty influencer / beauty editor at GLAMOUR was doing an event with them, I had to get myself in and attend.

Jo Malone has to be the ultimate luxury fragrance and the minute you walk into the store, you are enveloped into the world of glamorous elegance and luscious smells that draw you in. I was so excited about attending the event and finding out more.

As it was a pamper event, we were each treated to either some champagne or mocktails and guided into the store to try out their fragrances. The theme of the event was to learn how to combine fragrances to create your personal favourite smell. It was literally like being in a kid in a sweet shop and I got far too excited trying out all the fragrances and combining and layering as I walked around the store. I was smelling like a perfumery when I left the event.

I loved smelling all the different colognes and I discovered that my love for muskier heavy scents also extends to orange blossom, roses and other citrus based fragrances too. I was pampered with a hand and arm massage using Jo Malone’s creams and fragrances which honestly felt so heavenly. Jo Malone need to open up a spa stat, I would love this as a full body massage.

Alex Steinherr was the loveliest instagram celebrity that I have ever met. She was introduced to us by Emma South who works for Jo Malone and Alex talked about her favourite Jo Malone fragrances. For info, these are Basil and Neroli and Red Roses. They smell incredible! Alex also told us about how Chanel No. 5 reminds her of her grandmother and how the scent immediately makes her think of her late grandmother. Alex and Emma then invited us to mingle and they both made sure that spoke to everyone in the room. I loved talking to Alex about Jo Malone and also a little bit about skincare too. She is just as genuine in real life as she is on insta stories and I did try and persuade her to host more events in the future as I definitely want to be there!

I had a great time at the Jo Malone event and it was good to meet everyone and interact with Jo Malone in such an easygoing and relaxed way. I loved smelling all the different fragrances and the list of the ones I want, continues to grow. We also had the opportunity to get our purchases personalised which I will be sharing in a future post.

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  1. January 24, 2018 / 2:33 am

    Lovely post! I woudl love to try a Jo Malone perfume.

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