Japan diaries: Visiting DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Japan was the dream trip for us, and I had to share our adventures with all of you. First stop was Tokyo, Japan.

We landed in Tokyo, Japan bright and early on a Sunday morning. We visited Japan in April because we wanted to catch the sakura aka cherry blossom season and see how the festival transformed the country.

After an 11 hour flight, to say we were the worse for wear was the understatement. We checked into our hotel and headed straight to the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, the equivalent to a HUGE Westfield shopping centre in the UK. We arrived on a bright morning and headed straight to the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza to see the famous Gundam. The artificial island of Odaiba in Tokyo, has this giant unicorn gundam which sits in the centre of the plaza and is life size. The gundam is a bit of a cult character in Japanese culture, featuring in its popular culture like its anime and TV shows. We waited for the show when it morphs from its unicorn mode to destroy mode, complete with an expanding frame and light. It was really something to see, whether you are into gundams or not.

Adjacent to the gundam, was the gundam cafe where you can purchase your own miniature ones or have food shaped like a gundam. We then went on a walk around the plaza and stumbled upon an Odaiba Statue of Liberty. Bringing a bit of New York into Tokyo, the 40 feet tall statue pays tribute to Japan’s ties to France and is truly a sight to see. It is surrounded by a suspension bridge so you can walk around it and it is the perfect place to see the Tokyo skyline.

By this point, food was definitely on our minds. We headed to a Hawaiin themed restaurant Egg’n’Things based inside DiverCity Plaza. The menu was surprisingly huge with all things brunch, from pancakes to eggs on on toast. The menu had sakura inspired items on the menu and I had the sakura pancakes with what was a mountain of cream. It wasn’t the best thing to have after a flight and I needed the sugar hit.

Once we had our brunch, all we wanted was to have a nap. We thought we would walk off the brunch and headed to the Pallette Town Big Ferris Wheel. I wish I could tell you that I remember the ride but I was so out of it by this point, so all I can say is that the views of Tokyo from high above are simply amazing.

We headed back to the hotel, planning on having a nap and waking up for dinner. Instead, we slept for over 10 hours and didn’t get up till the next morning, hence why there is a sudden stop to my vlog!

This is the first in the series of my Tokyo diaries, stay tuned for more!

Sanoobar x

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