Japan Diaries: Sumos, Samurais and Tokyo Skytree views

Day 5 in Japan was all about learning about Japan’s history at the Tokyo Museum, watching Sumos train and seeing city views from Tokyo Skytree.

Sumo Training, Tokyo

Tokyo is full of surprises and our fifth day in Japan was all about learning more about the country and embedding ourselves in the culture and history. We started the day super early to watch a sumo wrestler training session on the coast of Onagi river. We arrived to be a part of an audience to watch the sumos train and exercise and it honestly was fascinating to watch. The amount of work, time and dedication the wrestlers put into sport was fascinating to watch.

Tokyo Museum

Next, we headed to The Tokyo Museum to learn about the history of Japan also about the city as well. I loved how the history was presented with beautifully crafted models and incredibly detailed constructions of the old city. The guided tour was so interesting and I found myself completely engrossed in the story of Japan.

Samurai Museum

We then went on to visit the Samurai Museum in Shinjuku. The museum covered around 700 years of samurais from the Kamakura to the Edo period. It was interesting to learn that samurais were not just soldiers but warriors filled with honour and pride. We were also treated to a samurai demonstration which was incredible to watch, albeit rather threatening when he was staring right at you swinging that sword.

Tokyo Skytree

Last stop for the day was a visit to Tokyo Skytree. The tower is Japan’s tallest, standing at 634 metres and has the best views of the city. It is not the cheapest thing to do in the city but absolutely worth it. Tokyo is such a huge city and being so far up meant we could truly appreciate it.

It was another adventure filled day in Tokyo. We had a brilliant time wandering through the city and as day five ends, here ends our time in Tokyo.

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