Japan Diaries: Kinkaku-Ji temple, Kyoto

My final day in Japan consisted of a visit to the Kinkaku-Ji temple, the golden temple complete with a mirrored lake.

We woke up to our final day in Kyoto to find that it was raining, it was though the city was crying that we were leaving and I was definitely feeling incredibly sad too. We headed off to visit the Ryoanji Temple first, home of Kyoto’s famous rock garden. We were not allowed to take any photos inside the temple.

On arrival, we were greeted by the daughter of the head priest who led us into a room to warm up with some matcha tea and sweets made in house. It was absolutely delicious and perfect for a rainy day. We then walked round the temple and then went to a guided meditation. It was so peaceful to take part in the meditation, to the sound of the rain and just have a moment of stillness.

We then went to the Kinkaku-Ji temple, a Zen temple in northern Kyoto. Despite the fact that it was pouring down with rain, it was incredibly busy. What strikes you about the temple as soon as you arrive are the top two golden floors. It is a majestic sight to see and seeing it reflected on the lake made it even more beautiful. We walked around the gardens surround the temple and took in the views of the golden temple from all sides.

We the headed back to the hotel, grabbed our things and headed off to Hiroshima.

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