Japan Diaries: Sushi making, Akihabara and Ueno Park

For the cherry blossom season, May is the best time of year to visit them and the best place to see sakura is Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan.

Day 3 in Japan was the first day in the country where we felt awake enough to enjoy where we were. Our third day started off with a cooking class with Cooking Sun in Asakusa in Tokyo. We arrived bright and early and after washing up, we started our class with some fantastic teachers from the Cooking Sun school. We started off with making these egg rolls, then it was on to sushi, mirusa salad and even miso soup. We had a great time making the food and then had an even better time eating. Simple food and the school was so well equipped in dealing with all of our dietary requirements too.

Next we headed to Akihabara in Tokyo. Akihabara is best described as Leicester Square, Times Square and Las Vegas all coming together and having a big neon light coloured baby. We arrived to Akihabara and were treated to a Maid Cafe experience. Maid Cafes are common in Japan where girls dress like maids, adopt cosplay personalities and act all cute and serve up sugary desserts for their diners. It was a strange experience to say the least. We ‘meowed’ for our service, wore bunny ears and watched a girl entertain by dancing to a choreographed routine on a mini stage.

Akihabara was a real place to discover. We found floor upon floor of video game arcades, technology, anime shops and more memorabilia of some of the biggest Japanese shows than I had ever seen in my life. We walked around until our feet got exhausted and literally were amazed by all the things to see.

Lastly, we went to Ueno Park to enjoy the cherry blossom trees. Even though it was super busy, I was so glad that we got to see the trees in full bloom because they were beautiful. The park had a celebratory atmosphere with people having picnics under the trees and spending quality time with loved ones.


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