ICHIBUNS – Luxury Japanese Fast Food in London

ICHIBUNS has to be the most unique name for a restaurant and I definitely had a cheeky giggle when I heard it for the first time. Based in the heart of Wardour Street and Chinatown, ICHIBUNS is fast food with a luxury twist with their burgers made out of Wagyu, a 28 day old aged Angus beef, ramen, maki as well spring rolls. They all have their own twist with cheeseburger rolls and panko ecrusted fish finger burgers.

On arrival, I became obsessed with the Japanese decor and you have to give it to the art director, they have nailed bringing the essence of Japan to the London streets. Each floor is decorated in its own way – the ground floor has various anime and manga created as masks, the top floor has a chandelier made of plastic baubles filled with various items, the walls are made out of Japanese newspapers and various anime characters are embedded in the walls. You become obsessed with looking around the restaurant from the moment you arrive. I loved the wall made out pinball machines on the ground floor and the manga strip covered ceiling on the same floor.

We went to visit on the second day of opening and were hoping that it would live up to expectations. My husband had the crab ramen whilst I had the vegetarian maki with fries. The food was delivered promptly and we both enjoyed the food. I wish they did a vegetarian version of the burger as I would have loved to try it out but I will definitely be back to try out various other things on the menu.

I would recommend a visit to ICHIBUN, it is a fun take on Japanese fast food and it is so impressive in the way it has been created.

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