How to prep your face before a party / wedding / big event

Clockwise from left: The Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Translucency Essence Lotion, The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream, Vaseline, Vita CoCo Coconut Oil, Clinique All About the Eyes Rollerball, Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Ultra-moisturising hand cream and 7th Heaven Dead Sea Peel-Off Mask 

Since the last few weeks, i have been attending a lot of events, mainly A LOT of weddings. If you have been following my adventures on Instagram, you will know that i have been getting dressed up in full on Indian outfits and heavy make up pretty much every evening. This does mean that the whole putting on make up and taking off make up is taking its toll on my skin.

Despite the fact that my skin is bullet proof when it comes to sensitivity to products, the oiliness of my skin means that it will hold onto products even after cleansing and without a deep cleanse before events, the slathering of make up will make me break out. Therefore, i have to be on point with my skin care and taking care of my skin before and after events. So here is an insight into what i do to ensure that my skin is primed and ready.

Few days before

Few days before an event, i start making my daily make up routine much lighter than usual. This does mean that i stop using foundation, stick to using concealer and a setting powder and use a minimum of my products on my eyes and face. I want my skin to be glowing on the day of the event. I also ensure that i take all my make up off properly at the end of each day. I will use micellar water, usually the Garnier Oil Infused one, to remove my make up and then i use  Vita CoCo Coconut Oil and rub into my face to ensure all the make up has come off. I usually wait about 15 minutes before i wash the coconut oil off with The Body Shop Tea Tree facial wash.

A day before

I do all of the above and then put on a face mask. It doesn’t really matter what mask it is but it does ensure my skin is clean. I then put on the Clinique All About the Eyes rollerball and massage the product into my under eyes to help reduce puffiness. I then use rosewater to tone my skin before going in with my The Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Translucency Essence Lotion and patting that in. I wait 2-3 minutes to make sure my skin absorbs it all and then massage in he Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream. I use vaseline on my lips and the hand cream goes on before i get an early night and head to bed.

I hope my tips help you. I am off to the Go Glam Gala tomorrow and i am incredibly excited so it’s off to be for me. Don’t forget to give me a like or a follow if you enjoy this post,

Sanoobar x

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