How to increase your YouTube subscribers // Vlogging Masterclass with Josie (Fashion Mumblr) and Manfrotto

YouTube has become a fickle machine of late. With constantly changing algorithms and rules, for someone trying to set up a YouTube channel, it is becoming increasingly difficult to build a following  and get yourself noticed. On a sunny Saturday morning, bloggers and YouTubers alike gathered at camera accessories brand Manfrotto vlogging masterclass to chat to Josie aka Fashion Mumblr and learn her secrets about building YouTube channel and getting noticed.

Tips to get more subscribers on YouTube

Planning Content

One of Josie’s key tips was to make YouTube videos about what you want, not what you think people want. Josie keeps a content calendar which revolves around the seasons of the year, filming lookbooks and gift guides. Some of Josie’s most popular videos include Xmas beauty calendars and a private tour of an Etihad aeroplane, so there is no clear evidence that having a niche works. Your content should be a reflection of your personality.

Tag videos correctly

Josie says to search for similar videos on YouTube with high rankings and include those words in your tags so your videos appear higher up too.

Scheduling content properly 

Be aware of who your audience is and where they are in the world due to timezones. Always upload and publish videos in one go if possible or upload a video and set it to private, and then make it public.


Always engage with all your comments on your videos. It is about building a community and YouTube prefers users who are highly engaged.


Use Buffer to schedule tweets promoting posts, a couple of day. Always tag the brands as they can RT your content and help build your social community.

Click bait

Don’t deceive people by putting false information in the title of the video, people are more likely to unsubscribe.


Thumbnails act as an advert for your video so always keep them consistent and ensure that they have a common theme running through them. Make them visual but not too cluttered.

Approaching brands

Brands want to see that you already love the brand and have created content about them. Make sure you have a good media kit and ask brands to be added onto their press release database rather than outright asking for sponsorship.

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