How to drink matcha tea at T2 Tea

I went on a workshop with T2 tea King’s Road on how to drink matcha tea and I completely loved it.

Matcha tea has become more mainstream but it really is the marmite of teas. Some people really love it and others think it is too bitter and an acquired status. T2 tea have become a really favourite of mine when it comes to innovative teas so that is why I was so excited to attend their latest launch event at their King’s Road branch.

T2 tea’s two big launches are Myrtle’s Mate, Organic Tumeric Matcha and Cherry Cha Cha which are infused with the world famous matcha tea. My personal favourite was the Cherry Cha Cha version, it had a sweeter taste and helped make the matcha more palatable. Tumeric Matcha definitely has its health benefits and I would drink it as a shot for a morning cleanse and Myrtle’s Mate was too bitter for me to drink.

The T2 tea event was with top London chef and Grazia food writer Anna Barnett who spoke about the latest trends about tea and how it was playing a pivotal role in health and fitness. Anna mentioned three new trends in tea:

  • Experimental teas – people are becoming more willing to try out new teas and test out new flavours.
  • Loose leaf tea is making a comeback with T2 trying to reach out to a younger audience.
  • People are becoming more familiar with the health benefits of tea and how it can help maintain a balanced diet.

Anna spoke about matcha tea and how it can be used in smoothies, tea infusions and also in cooking to include it in a daily diet. During the event, we tried out matcha popcorn which, at first, I hated but then it grew on me. Cake on the other hand, works really well with matcha. We tried a delicious lavender and rose matcha tea bundt that was absolutely delicious.

I had a great time at the T2 tea event and tasting different teas has to be one of my favourite things to do. I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to give my blog a follow if you did,

Sanoobar x

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  1. Greatness Reinvented
    July 22, 2018 / 2:49 pm

    Been a massive fan of T2 for a few years now. I have so many flavours in the cupboard.

    GR |

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