How I found Veganuary 2021

Veganuary 2021 was one that was spent at home, with me cooking most of my meals from scratch. Find out about my highs and lows of Veganuary 2021.

Veganuary 2021 was always going to be challenge. I knew this when I signed up this year. I knew that I would struggle because I would have to cook most of my meals myself, I was at home so I would be tempted by snacking and with a 6 month old, sticking to any kind of meal time routine for me is usually a challenge too.

Vegan pizzas from Domino’s Pizza

So how did I do? So I started January all fired up for Veganuary. I thought, it couldn’t be that difficult. I have to say that I barely have any dairy diet anyway and where I do consume it, it is usually in cakes, biscuits and chocolates, all the food I shouldn’t be eating anyway. However as the month crawled on, I started to struggle. I found it hard to make plant-based only meals everyday and I missed having the opportunity to visit vegan restaurants in London and try out new meals. I won’t say that I stuck religiously to it, in fact I managed to sneak in some dairy snacks, namely a packet of Mini Eggs and a couple of Creme Eggs. I just needed the comfort food to survive Lockdown.

Recipes I loved

I discovered some really easy vegan recipes this year, here are a few that I loved:

Aubergine penne arrabiata

Lentil salad

Butternut Squash & Coconut Dahl

Sweet potato macaroni cheese I just substituted all the dairy products with vegan alternatives that I found in Aldi.

Butternut Squash risotto

Shops that I loved

Aldi I feel like Aldi bought their A game this year with their vegan range. It expanded and honestly I loved all of it. I really enjoyed their Katsu power bowl, their falafels, rosemary and onion sausages and chilli bean burgers. I really hope more of their vegan range sticks around this year, it was so so easy to have their meals each day.

Holland and Barrett I have developed a serious snacking addiction during these lockdowns. I mean, snacking became the easy way to eat for me and it was rather comforting to be able to eat crisps than make meals. Not a healthy habit I know. But this is where Holland and Barrett came in. They have some of the best vegan snacks. Some of my favourites that I discovered were:

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Lessons learnt by Veganuary

Veganuary is always a valuable month for me, it gives me time to give my body a reset and makes me realise the value of my meals. It gives me a chance to really appreciate what goes into my food and this year, it has taught me the value of cooking at home. I tried celeriac for the first time this year and I also loved eating cauliflower, something I would not usually eat. I have also loved the alternative vegan snacks, I mean the Nomo chocolates are just incredible!

I hope you enjoyed my Veganuary posts this year,

Sanoobar x

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