Spice Kitchen Hot Chocolate review

Spice Kitchen have these amazing hot chocolates as part of their food range and I had to review them when I heard about them.

You all know how much I love a good hot chocolate. On a winter’s day, there is nothing better than curling with a hot chocolate and a good movie or book. I have to say this lockdown, I have consumed my bodyweight in hot chocolate and funded a few staff salaries at Costa along the way (Terry’s Orange Hot Chocolate is my vice!).

So when Spice Kitchen offered to send me some of their hot chocolates to try, I jumped at the chance. Spice Kitchen is a family owned artisan spice and tea company which aims to honour indian culture and its heritage that comes with it.

I was kindly sent the following to try:

The Chai Spiced Hot Chocolate is actually the best dupe of the Dishoom Chocolate Chai I have come across. It is warming, spiced but not too strong and instantly warms you up from the inside out. It was delicious and definitely a favourite for those of you who love Indian tea on a regular basis.

My absolute favourite was the Gingerbread Hot Chocolate, the perfect choice for this festive season. The taste of the gingerbread biscuit with the rich chocolate pairs together so well and it is lovely with oat milk as well. I have this as a replacement for my dessert in the evenings and it is absolutely delicious.

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I hope you enjoyed this review, I will be back soon with more tea reviews!

Sanoobar x

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