Healthy Eating As A Vegetarian

Hello, My name is Sanoobar and I am a vegetarian. Though being a vegetarian is as common as breathing now, I still get gasps of shock when I announce that I am vegetarian. It is like something is wrong with me because I don’t eat meat, chicken or fish. I still remember the moment at the age of 12 when I turned to my family and said that I would now no longer eat meat or chicken and would eat vegetable based meals instead. Their immediate concerns were that I would be malnourished or starved in some way. About a decade on from this conversation and I can safely say that neither has happened. As I grew older, awareness grew for vegetarians and now there are more vegetarian options on menus and vegetarian restaurants all over London. It is no longer a novelty when I announce that I am a vegetarian at the dinner table amongst new company, it is understood and the conversation carries on.


The one thing I really do struggle with is eating healthily as a vegetarian. I am a pretty good eater when it comes to being good with food and ensuring I get all my nutrients but I do struggle with what to nibble on in between meals. I have an allergy to whole nuts so I can’t eat those and I am really not a fan of dried fruits. Did I mention that I am a fussy eater too? This often means that I end up reaching for sugary snacks instead and there is only so much fruit a girl can have because it starts feeling like it is filling you up. Snacks are meant to be fun and delicious, not something that fills you up so you don’t want another meal.

Recently I have stumbled on these¬†Off The Eaten Path¬†snacks, they are so unique being vegetarian snacks and taste a lot less tasty then they actually are, if that makes sense. They are made with real vegetables and that really makes a difference as they don’t have that cardboard taste that sometimes vegetarian snacks leave behind. The Pea and Pinto Sticks look really appealing and I think they would make a great snack in between meals. Check them out here and they are reduced too so definitely worth a trial!

Please do let me know if you have any more suggestions for healthy snacks that are vegetarian below.

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