Harry Potter inspired Potions Class afternoon tea at Cutter and Squidge

Test out your wizard skills at Cutter and Squidge with their fantastic Potions Class afternoon tea in London

Last year, I had the pleasure of experiencing the Aladdin themed afternoon tea at Cutter and Squidge and this year, they have bought back another one of my favourites – a Harry Potter inspired afternoon tea, complete with special effects and wizard robes. We arrived on a Saturday and it was understandably busy but  as you prebook your space, it is guaranteed. We were signed in, asked to surrender our credit cards in case of damages (so weird!) and taken down to the basement. The whole bottom floor was set up like what I would imagine Professor Snape’s classroom would look like. There was a smoky cauldron at the foot of the stairs, lots of wizard related items on the walls and we were met by the Professor who instructed us to wear our robes.

The whole experience lasted for 2.5 hours and honestly that was more than enough time to fall deep with the theme. Under the guidance of the potions professor, we were encouraged to mix our own drink called Galaxy Juice which was a mix of passion fruit, hibiscus and unicorn tear tea. We were also given our own wands to borrow, carefully selected by the potions professor. I chose the unicorn tear tea as my drink and it tasted delicious.

I had the vegetarian afternoon tea. We were given Hubble Bubble to start with, which was a meringue in a cauldron with a lemon potion that we poured over the dessert before eating, it made a lovely hissing magical sound when we did. My selection of sandwiches were vegetarian roast dinner, ploughman’s and avocado and roast vegetable. I liked the avocado one the best and it was followed by a selection of savoury snacks including a mini leak and potato pie and a mini Yorkshire pudding with mushrooms.

The scones came in little paper bags, called rock cakes, accompanied by clotted cream and jam. To the credit of the cafe, the scones were warm, just not as crumbly as they should be. The desserts were delicious – macaroons, a knickerbocker bite and a biskie, something unique to Cutter and Squidge.

So was it worth it? Being the huge Harry Potter fan that I am, I loved it for the experience. It was great fun to dress up as wizards and witches and play along with the classroom scenario. The food was okay but the fact we paid £49.50 per person, there are better afternoon teas out there for that price. This is a must for a true Harry Potter fan who wants an afternoon at a Potions class.

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