Halloween biscuits at the Biscuiteers cafe

The Biscuiteers cafe in Notting Hill is one place in London that I have always wanted to visit. I have always loved their biscuits, beautifully personalised and they are delicious. As Halloween approached, I visited the cafe to discover that they had gone all out for the holiday. They had skulls on every surface possible and had a large variety of Halloween biscuits on offer.

I loved seeing all that they had on offer – each biscuit looked like a work of art. The decorations were so intricate and I can imagine them being the best gifts for someone.

I had a hot chocolate accompanied by a soft and moist red velvet cake slice and a biscuit shaped like a cupcake. The decor in the cafe was so English, I loved the stripey crockery and the marble surfaces, completely blogger worthy. If you are in London, definitely pop into one of the cafes and admire their scrumptious biscuits.

Sanoobar x

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