GRAMMYs 2015: Best and Worst Dressed

What is it about awards season that makes all our celebrities go completely gaga and have their stylists pick out some of the most ghastly outfits? (See above) Rihanna had the whole cute outfit going with this dress and she was well intentioned but she ended up looking like a giant cupcake. I mean, this is the crazy dress that i would try on in the shop and jump around in to see the layers swoosh around me but then i would choose something a little less.. swooshy.. to wear on the night. Points for creativity but it does swamp her frame and really does nothing for her.

Oh Madonna. This is one woman who will not learn. She may be 50 something and an international pop star but money cannot buy you style. With all the designers in the world at her fingers, she chose to be squeezed into this Victorian corset and have all her bits hanging out. I won’t even show you her outfit from the back because it is very much the Rocky Horror Show back there.

Lastly on my hit list is this woman, Kim Kardashian. She is the wannabe pop star turned pop wife who can’t sing and now chooses to dress in the blingest outfit known to man to prove to the world that she still belongs in that crowd. She looked crazy in this gold shimmery bathrobe and frankly out of place. Something understated and elegant would have been much better for her, yet she chose to look like a christmas tree. 
Now for some of my best dressed:
It is no lie that i adore Taylor Swift but she knows how to work a red carpet. This space age style outfit could have looked ridiculous on anyone else but she still managed to make it look stylish and fresh by keeping her whole look simple and understated. Beautifully done!
Yet another lady who understands the theory of less is more. A simple tuxedo on Anna Kendrick looked so ladylike and edgy all at the time same time. I love the rock star like make up and her hair looks amazing. 
If in doubt, pardon the pun here, wear a jumpsuit. Gwen Stefani was glowing in this black jumpsuit with sequinned detailing on the bust and it suited her style to a tee.
Most awkward moment:
When are these two going to learn that nobody cares anymore. They are so publicity hungry and desperate for the world to know that they are in love that they won’t stop showing it. There is too much to prove i would say but anyway, both of you, get a room. Enough with the PDA, be normal parents, keep your clothes on in public and look after your daughter as best as you can. 

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