Going vegan for #Veganuary

Veganuary begins this month and I have decided that I will be taking it on.

Veganuary starts this month and I have taken the huge step to try it out this month. It is well documented that I am a vegetarian and have been so since the age of 12/13. I have always been fussy with food, only eating selected things and being completely averse to certain smells, tastes and textures of food. I can’t explain why or how I am like this but it takes me ages to get used to new food and I am constantly fighting the voices in my head that make me think I will be sick because I am eating something I am not used to.

Going vegan has become a trend in the last year and even though there are some very vocal critics about the food movement, it is a very contentious topic. When I first became a vegetarian, I remember the comments I used to get and the derogatory opinions which used to surround me. It frustrated me so much because no one understood why I would do this to myself. In reality, I became a vegetarian because I had become so averse to so many food types, I stopped eating them and saying I am vegetarian meant that it made it easier for me and others to accept that.

Anyway, so Veganuary. I want to try this because after a whole December of binge eating junk food and all the sugary treats, I need a detox. I need to look at my diet seriously and remember what I enjoy eating and what food I am eating and why. I need to get my relationship with food back on track. So here I am taking on veganism for a month and I will report back at the end of the month!

Sanoobar x

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