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WARNING: This post does contain spoilers of ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ 

Now the formalities are out of the way, i had to reflect on how i felt about ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ and where better to do it than on here. Words cannot describe how excited i was to hear that Netflix were doing a revival of one of my favourite series of all time but i was also anxious to see whether they would live up to my sense of nostalgia about the story and its characters. Creator Amy Sherman- Palladino did say that ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ was more like a catch up with the girls over a year than a series so it was always going to be brief. I have now seen and rewatched the latest instalment twice and i am still confused about how i feel about the revival.

Richard Gilmore

The passing of the late Edward Herrmann aka Richard Gilmore does hold a large shadow over the series and in fact, whenever the scenes cut to the grandparents, i did find myself looking for him. It is clear that his passing in the series and in real life, has had a great effect on the characters/actors and i genuinely miss his presence in the show. Emily Gilmore’s struggle to carry on after her husband’s passing and not understand her place in the world is told with sensitivity. You do find yourself sympathising with her and wanting her to find her own sense of happy again.

What i cannot understand about these scenes is Lorelai’s (Lauren Graham) reaction to them. Her awful attempt at not being able to tell a good memory about her father at her father’s wake and then after her ‘Wild’ experience, finding a story to tell, was just all misconceived. Yes Lorelai has had a difficult relationship with her parents but the one she always seem to get on with better was her father. I didn’t think there was a need for her to have to be so dismissive about her father’s death and i felt rather let down by this. Lorelai’s character has always been strong and it would have been interesting to see her being more of a part of the mother’s life rather than running away from it again.

Luke and Lorelai

I am SO glad to see that these two are still together and happy. The two have been living together since nine years and have found themselves to be called each other’s partners. After words with Emily, Lorelai realises that she has never asked Luke what he wants out of their life together and suddenly finds herself looking down the path to having a surrogate child. Though the scenes around getting a surrogate are hilarious with Paris Geller (oh how i’ve missed Paris, more on her in a moment), i didn’t understand why there was a need for this whole surrogacy storyline. It seems like it has been put in there for entertainment value but it needed to be developed properly.

Lorelai does have a moment where she goes off to find herself and returns with the answer to her question, she wants to marry Luke. They have a lovely wedding, the night before their wedding, where Kirk has beautifully decorated the town square for the pair. One of the most perfect moments of the series.

Paris Geller

Paris (Liza Weil) is one character who has been best developed in this revival series. In the early days, we all loved to hate her and now she is the owner of a surrogacy clinic and a to-be-divorced mum of two. From the moment she enters the scenes, she is fantastic and those scenes of her having a freak out after seeing Tristan at Chilton are so good. I really hope she works it out with Doyle as he does complement her character and it would have been good to see more of their life together.

Rory Gilmore

I have been avoid talking or mentioning Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel). There was a whole campaign on social media about not ruining the last four worlds where Rory says she is pregnant. I will come back to this. So, here comes my rant. What on earth has happened to Rory’s character??? She was going through a rut towards the end of the original series – sleeping with her married ex Dean, she creates a rift with her mother over it and then ends up refusing a marriage proposal to her boyfriend at the time Logan. Rory finally gets her act together at the end of the original series and becomes a travel journalist.

Starting the revival series, Rory has not got anywhere. She has no real job or real direction and ends up leaving New York to move back home. We find out that she having an affair with Logan who is now engaged to someone else. When she returns to Stars Hollow, she lives in lots of different houses and doesn’t really find a goal until the Stars Hollow Gazette needs an editor. You can practically hear my disdain whilst i type this. Rory was meant to be the smart girl, the one who had things going for her and it was acceptable for her to be in rut at the end of school, but at 32, it just comes across as rather pathetic. She moans all the time and then decides she wants to make write a book about her life with her mother and then has a tantrum when she can’t have it. I just didn’t like what Rory has turned into. I wanted more for her and it is disappointing that she is still making the same mistakes. Her becoming pregnant at the end of the series with Logan being more than likely the father does bring the story full circle but honestly if she wanted to be with Logan, why not just be with him. Why the affair and all this nonsensical life decisions? Sigh*

Ok rant over. I do want another series where perhaps the characters are grown up and having their own lives. It will be interesting to see Rory as a mother if she decides to have the child and what happens to Emily in the future. The series does needs to move into the modern day now and those this revival was good from nostalgia’s sake, more could have been done with the characters.

What did you think about the series? Was it befitting the Gilmore Girls legacy? Let me know what you think below.

Sanoobar x

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