#GGBlogChallenge Day 7: Bucket List


My bucket list.. i have to say i am one of those people who has a never ending bucket list. One that is always changing month by month as i take things off and then add on a few more, just in case. There a million and one things i really want to do in my lifetime and honestly the list gets longer everyday as i meet new people and take part in new experiences. Without further ado, here are a few things i want to do:

  1. Own my own home and furnish it the way i like
  2. Live in Italy, even if it is for a short amount of time
  3. Get a puppy, big or small
  4. Have a dramatic makeover and change something about myself
  5. Visit Disneyland Florida and dance with Mickey and Minnie
  6. Learn how to swim
  7. Once having achieved number 6, go scuba diving in Australia and see the Great Barrier Reef
  8. Stay in an underwater bungalow
  9. Stay in the Burj Al Arab Hotel, even if it is one night
  10. Attend the tomatina festival in Spain
  11. Swim with dolphins
  12. Get a hug from a panda
  13. Write a book
  14. Visit the Maldives
  15. Trek to Machu Picchu
  16. Fly in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon
  17. Visit a casino in Las Vegas
  18. Get my make up done by Huda Beauty
  19. Attend a Huda Beauty Master Class
  20. Wash baby elephants and play with them
  21. Rescue an animal in need

I think i am being completely greedy by wanting all this but hey i have a lot of dreams and adventures i want to take part in.

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Sanoobar x

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