#GGBlogChallenge Day 6: 20 things that make me happy


1) My family and friends – without them i am nothing.

2) My tech – i love my phone, MacBook Pro, iPad, Kindle.. couldn’t live without them!

3) Books – reading gives me a home wherever i am.

4) Skincare – i have been obsessed with skincare due to the issues i have with my skin and i am religious with my skincare routine

5) TV shows – when i was at uni, i became hooked on Grey’s Anatomy and since then, i love watching TV boxsets tucked up in bed.

6) Fashion – Everyone knows how much i love fashion and creating new outfits each day

7) Being near the sea – i know everyone would love to be on the beach but i just love being near the sea. Hearing the waves crash on the shore has to be one of the most relaxing things in the world.

8) Catching a movie – i love being at the cinema and watching the latest on the big screen.

9) Bollywood – I grew up watching Bollywood films and i love everything about the films, the colourful clothes and soulful music.

10) Dressing up makes me happy for special occasions

11) Travelling – i wish i had more opportunities to do this but i love travelling and discovering new countries and their cultures.

12) Cooking for others – i love making food for my loved ones, it feels so satisfying

13) Exercise – this is something that i used to HATE doing but now it has become my favourite stress release and i feel so content once i have done a good workout session.

14) Blogging – writing for you guys makes me happy!

15) Disney – come on, who doesn’t find Disney movies motivating and happy!

16) Chocolate – no words needed

17) Afternoon Teas – i really love going for afternoon tea!

18) Working – i am a self confessed workoholic and working does make me happy

19) Home – being somewhere which feels like makes me happy and content

20) Sunshine – i am a sun chaser and love being out in the sun for hours on end!

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Sanoobar x

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