#GGBlogChallenge Day 19: Person you wish you could meet


I had to put a lot of thought into this but the person i would most likely to meet is Audrey Hepburn. She was such an amazing woman with impeccable style that just to be in her presence would have been an honour. I became enthralled with Hepburn when i first saw ‘Breakfast with Tiffanys’. I loved her idealistic character who was desperate to see the good in the world and do things under her own rules. I was drawn to her and ended up reading her biography and that confirmed it for me. She was a feminist of her time and continued to spread positivity in her life and later on in her life, devoted her time to helping impoverished children. I have always loved her and it would have been amazing to meet her.

Hope you liked this quick but meaningful post and do let me know who you would like to most meet. Don’t forget to give me a like or a follow!

Sanoobar x

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