#GGBlogChallenge 2: Being Thankful

Sanoobar at Land’s End Cornwall

What are you thankful for?

As human beings we can be quite selfish, forgetting to be thankful is one of those traits that i think we all share on some level. I am definitely one of those people who is always chasing something, my dreams have always been my main motivation and i have never stopped wanting something more for myself. I have always known ever since i was a little girl, that whatever my reality may be, i will never be happy just being me and having what i have in that moment. Honestly if there are more of you out there like me, there is nothing wrong with you. I feel the same. It can be frustrating at times, lonely, hard work, exhausting and even depressing when you see people around you content with everything they have. But i believe that wanting something keeps you alive, it keeps you ambitious and frankly, it keeps life interesting.

So today i am taking a step back and saying what i am thankful for..


I don’t think i ever realised that i was thankful for my family until the last ten years or so when i started to realise how much they shaped me and were a part of me. Being so focused on my goals, i did take them for granted and that was wrong of me.

I am thankful for my mum who has always taught me to chase my dreams and be an ambitious young woman in a man orientated world. She taught me to be independent, have my own mind and be able to take care of myself no matter the situation. My dad who has always had dreams of his own and has never been afraid to take chances. He has always been headstrong, something that i now have in spades!

My brothers who have at times felt like my sons but at the same time, two people who i feel i have helped nurture and become the men they are today. My late grandmother who i still miss everyday. She was a feminist for her time and her inner strength spoke more than her exterior. An admirable woman. My nan who i have never lived with yet she welcomes me with open arms and shows so much love. She is another strong woman in my life who soldiers on, no matter what life throws at her and still continues to work and support herself.

Finally, my husband. He is my partner in life who has stopped me being so afraid and is always pushing me to do better. He supports my crazy ideas and adventures and holds my hand and takes part in my crazy too. He takes care of me in ways i never knew i needed and for that i will always be thankful.


Friends are the family you choose and i am very lucky to have that family. They have always loved me and been a huge part of my life. They understand the drive i have inside me and have supported at times when i didn’t even know i needed it. I may not see everyone often but whenever we meet it is just like old times. The same jokes, same banter and the same laughter. Each of them bring something special into my life.

Being Me

Seeing all the terrors in the world, i am simply thankful for being me. I am thankful for being born in a country where being a woman is power and i am respected for having opinions and responsibilities. I am thankful for waking up under a safe roof every morning, having food on the table and warmth in my home. I am thankful for having a home to go to every evening knowing there is a bed waiting for me.

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See you tomorrow,

Sanoobar x


  1. September 2, 2016 / 9:36 am

    Lovely post! You’re writing is beautiful and I’ve loved reading your posts over the last 2 days. I too am taking part in the Girl Gang blog challenge but am fairly new to blogging! xx

    • September 2, 2016 / 9:38 am

      Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you. I will have a read of your posts too!! xx

  2. September 2, 2016 / 10:14 am

    That’s such a lovely post. We get so engrossed in looking for that next big thing or being upset about not having that one thing, it’s nice to come across people who make you realise that you have a good life.

    Hope you have a great day!

    -paro | http://www.afretch.com

    • September 2, 2016 / 10:17 am

      Thank you so much x

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