Gadget Show Live Christmas 2012

Those of you who know me, also know that i am a total gadget addict. I always love to have the latest gadget and have a play on it before anyone else does. For this very reason, i was given the unique opportunity to go the Gadget Show Live at the Excel and see some of these wonderful gizmos and gadgets in action. From laptops to inflatable Android robots, this show had it all and i really had a great time at the show. To round off my day there, i had the opportunity to watch a live show where the cast and crew re-enacted their favourite moments of the TV show to the theme of the ’12 Days of Christmas’. It truly is a great day out and those of you living near or in Birmingham, it is coming to you in April! If any of you bloggers out there are attending, then link me in my comment section below 🙂

The fantastic ears above actually react as you do by detecting your brainwaves!
Windows were the real stars of the show launching their new tablet and laptops range

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