Future of Beauty with GLAMOUR

The Future of Beauty panel discussed what the beauty world will look like in the next ten years with some of the beauty world’s stars. 

As part of GLAMOUR’s Beautython, the magazine hosted a beauty panel with some of the best from the industry to talk about the future of the beauty industry. The panel consisted of GLAMOUR Editor-in-Chief, Deborah Joseph, and panellists including GLAMOUR Beauty and Lifestyle Director, Camilla Kay, as well as Rachel Horsefield, CEO at Beauty at The Hut Group, Beauty Expert, Writer and Influencer, Jane Cunningham, Jane Richardson, Global Artistry Director NARS Cosmetics, Navaz Batliwalla, Co-Founder of the The Beauty Conversation and Founder and Writer of the Disneyrollergirl, Millie Kendall, CEO of the British Fashion Council and Catherine Riccomini, Head of Marketing at Covent Garden. 

The discussion opened with the challenges of beauty retail going forward and what it could mean for the industry.

Catherine: “Customers are looking for  an amazing experience. The brands which are successful are the ones that create fantastic experiences like personalisation – treating each as individual catering to their needs.”

Millie: “Brands need to lose the negativity. It is a damaging retail environment. They need to put a positive message on beauty. Department stores are struggling because they thrive on negativity. They are guilty of selling products as solving problems like anti-ageing. Customer want transparency.”

Jane R: Consumers are very savvy. They have become the expert. Now it’s about engagement and creating stronger relationship and  giving customers the products to spread to their beauty community.”

Rachel:  “There is a huge opportunity for an in store experience for customers to share with brands. Store environments need to drive interactivity. Stores like Sephora are moving away from the counter experience. It’s how to build that interaction using social media.”

Jane C: “Brands need to remember we have different experiences depending on where you are in the country. The lovely retail experience is being had by few not the many. It’s a fantasy to say that it’s happening for everyone.”

Instagram has done a lot to change the beauty industry with people becoming influencers purely based on the fact that they can be trusted to talk about makeup and skincare and make recommendations using them. 

Jane R:  “It is difficult to say if bigger brands are at a disadvantage due to instagram. At NARS, we want to maintain the credibility and the packaging. Ours is tactile and harder to produce. The overall corporation of beauty is bringing all brands together to use technology so things become seamless and the process gets quicker. Instagram has pushed brands like NARS to be as innovative as we can and be more speedy and creative.

Nawaz: “There is so much out there, I wonder if it’ll reach a peak. Everyone is overwhelmed by the feed and you don’t see everyone all the time.”

Jane C: “Alot of these brands are now made for instagram. It seems really cool and fun and pink, Glossier led the way with it and now everyone’s copying it.” 

Rachel: “You have to remember that Instagram is powerful for young women who want to do something for themselves.”

I found the panel fascinating and it was truly fascination to hear so many inspirational women who have created their own niche in the beauty industry. I really enjoyed the panel and I know that the beauty world is in safe hands. 

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