Fleurs de Villes in Covent Garden

Fleurs de Villes have come to Covent Garden as part of the Frieze, blending luxury floral couture and stunning flowers. 

Fleurs de Villes is a unique and wonderful experience which has come to Covent Garden as part of Frieze. Until Sunday 7th October, Covent Garden’s Central Avenue is housing a spectacular arrangement of floral couture installations creating the most instagrammable photos for all to enjoy. The mannequins are all dressed in floral dresses and they are so so beautiful, you can’t help but fall in love with them. 

The floral details on these dresses are just stunning and it is clear to see how much work has gone into creating them. A dozen top local London florists have been teamed with some of the incredible stores which are based in the Covent Garden square including Olivia Burton, Kate Spade, Rituals, Floral Street and Brides Magazine. 

Each of the mannequins are created by the head gardener for Covent Garden. I walked down the avenue enjoying each of them and marvelling at their headwear and floral gowns. They are playing up to the fashion forward culture of Covent Garden whilst showcasing the magic that can created using flowers of all different colours and sizes. 

I loved visiting Covent Garden and seeing the beautiful Fleurs de Villes display right on my doorstep. Each of the designs and mannequins were so unique and breathtaking that I was highly tempted to take one home. I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to give my blog a follow if you did.

Sanoobar x

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