Five things I discovered doing Veganuary in January 2019

I did Veganuary this month and here are five things I found out about being vegan and how did I do.

Why are you doing veganuary? What will you actually gain from being vegan? How are you going to survive without chocolate? Cue eyeroll* These are just some of the few questions that I was asked when I announced that I was going to take part in veganuary this year. One of the most common questions was why. I did explain here in my post why I decided to go vegan this month but honestly I just needed to get back to eating healthy and cutting out all the junk food in my life.

A month later, here are five things I discovered doing veganuary:

1. You can’t help but sound pretentious

Now I am not about to slate veganism but there are people out there who give it a bad name. If I had a pound for every time someone tutted or rolled their eyes or looked at me like I was crazy when I said I was doing veganuary, I would have become a millionaire over the month. People automatically assumed that I was being pretentious or extra and it did get to the point that I stopped talking about it.

2. It is remarkably easy to be vegan

The amount of restaurants, cafes and stores spotlighting veganuary was incredible. Every restaurant I went to was doing veganuary and it was really interesting to find out how each one adapted food to become vegan. The Marks and Spencers Plant Kitchen range was delicious, from the thai green curry, the sweet potato biryani wrap to the cauliflower popcorn, it was so well made and I really enjoyed trying out the range.

3. Being vegan has some unfortunate side effects

Being vegan had some rather embarrassing side effects, one being bloated all the time. Despite the fact I was taking probiotics as per usual, being vegan meant that I was having too much of the same food group and it was too easy to not have a balanced diet. I actually had to be careful of what vegetables I ate and on some days, it was rather painful.

4. Veganuary did make me healthier

I did feel healthier doing veganuary, partly because it was so hard to find unhealthy vegan food. I only discovered vegan desserts towards the end of the month and I would highly recommend Lola’s Cupcakes for their vegan cakes. It really hit the spot that was missing chocolate. The Jackfruit Pizza at Pizza Hut was also a huge hit with me and I loved it, albeit to the point that it was too cheesy for me.

Kalifornia Kitchen London

5. I missed dairy…

I missed drinking actual milk, cheese and milk chocolate. Even though it was easy to be vegan, it just gave me an extra step to have to check vegetarian meals for dairy components. Cheese makes my vegetarian meals interesting and I missed my normal vegetarian pizzas too. No matter how much I tried to resist the sugar cravings, I missed cakes and the occasional chocolate cake too.

So the million pound question, would I do it again? I wouldn’t give it a flat out no, it worked well as a detox for me. I ate healthier and I was more conscious of what I was putting into my body. For now, I am going back to being vegetarian and celebrating the start of February with a HUGE slice of cheesecake.

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