5 best places to see cherry blossoms in London

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My take on the 5 best places to see Cherry Blossom trees in London during Spring. It is not an exhaustive list but hopefully you can still catch some of the late bloomers.

There is something to be said about seeing Cherry Blossom trees in London. The fragile yet beautiful flowers are simply beautiful and they really do hold a lot of promise for everyone. I love the promise they give for Spring, once they appear you just know that warmer days are around the corner. I spent a lot of time chasing the Cherry Blossom trees aka Sakura during my time in Japan and I am now committed to chasing them around my favourite city too.

So here are my 5 best places to see cherry blossoms in London

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Stanley Crescent

You know it is Cherry Blossom season when there are queues around the corner to take photos at Stanley Crescent. This spot is incredibly popular and influencers from all over flock there to get that envious shot of a cherry blossom tree against a white house. I mean, don’t they look beautiful?

Greenwich Park

I was fooled by Greenwich Park this year. Instagram made be believe that the trees were in bloom when in fact, they were. Instead I wandered into the Flower Garden and got some photos with the daffodils instead. I can reassure you that once they are in bloom, they are absolutely beautiful!

St Paul’s Cathedral

This has to be on the most iconic spots to see cherry blossom trees in London. I love the contrast of the blossoming trees against the historical architecture and it is never so busy that you can’t take some photos against the building.

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Notting Hill

Not only is Notting Hill famous for those incredible multi coloured houses behind the station, the cherry blossom trees are simply stunning. They pop in photos and you can be really creative in the way that you take those envious insta shots with them.

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St James’ Park

As the park is a Royal Park, it is always beautifully maintained and presented. I love the fact that in St James’ Park, you have the cherry blossom trees above and daffodils in bloom below. It is great if you want to take a picnic basket along and watch the blooms shed their petals.

I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy the blossoms while they last!

Sanoobar x

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