First Look: The Olympic Park

The Olympic Stadium and the Orbit

I have been one of the fortunate few who have visited the Olympic Park already as it has been developed. I was there when it was just rubble as the contractors were hard at work digging it all up, to when the arenas were all empty shells. Today i went in on the site as it stands, completed and being given its finishing touches. It’s hard to describe how i feel about it.

The entrance from Stratford

After years of being shown computer generated images, it looks exactly like those pictures. The size of the site is phenomenal with some gorgeous venues. It is hard to believe that this site is where the marshes used to be where my parents used to take me on Sundays for the market or that this is indeed the back end of what used to be, a very run down Stratford.

The Velodrome with one of the many idyllic gardens

The waterways that used to be piled high with shopping trolleys and the odd needle are now clean and full of nature thriving around it. No matter how i feel about the inconvenience of the London 2012 Olympics, i am amazed that an area that used to be an eyesore, is now beautiful and will be viewed by the world.

Some of the gorgeous plants at the Olympic Park

Information board at the Park

Britannia Row with an odd sculpture (building?)

Clean waterways at the Olympic Park

BBC/TV studios set up next to the Olympic Stadium

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