Finding myself

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Life intervened and somehow I managed to take a five month break from blogging but baby I am back. Sorry it has taken so long!

I have officially returned to the world of blogging and I am so thankful to be back. I didn’t mean to take such a long break, it was meant to be temporary and I was going to wait till my life returned to some level of normalcy, who was I kidding?!

Let me explain. After having a baby in the middle of global pandemic, I was struggling to find myself. I didn’t know who I was and who I had become after having such a huge change to my life. Reality had other plans for me. March hit me like a tonne of bricks and reality set in. I had to get back to work, and create a new work life balance for myself. I actually started a new job which is permanently remote, the ideal role for me. I would be able to take care of my little boy and and work at the same time.

It is a fantastic arrangement for me, don’t get me wrong and I am extremely grateful to be able to work and be in the same space as my little boy. However, it does mean that I no longer have a clear distinction between work life and my home life. Meetings with my little one hugging my leg have become the new norm. I am often changing my child’s nappies in my lunch break. I value every single moment with him but it does mean that it doesn’t leave me with any free time. On the up side, I have been able to start going to the gym in my lunch breaks and I finally feel like I am getting my old energy back. Getting fit again is going to be a long road for me but I am taking some baby steps to get there too.

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Finding my way back to blogging

Blogging has always been a huge love of mine. Through the good times and the bad, I feel like my blog has been my space and my little home where I can talk about what I love, what I enjoy and where I can really write down my thoughts without judgement. After I had my baby, getting back on my instagram and just posting photos of myself took a lot of bravery on my part. My postpartum body was not what it once was and I spent a lot of time comparing myself to others and avoiding mirrors. I have to say that I am not completely over this so full disclosure, this is me working on it.

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My paranoia around how I look on my camera extended to blogging. I was scared to death of actually taking photos of myself and filming because people can actually tell how big I actually am. This is why I have been avoiding blogging but no more. It needs to stop. So here I am, back to blogging and taking photos. I need to find a healthy way to channel my insecurity around my body and this is my way to do it.

So yes, here I am. Please be kind and remember that I am only human, it has taken me a lot to even write this but it is about time I did. Time to get back to reality and back to what I love, blogging and creating content for me.

Speak soon,

Sanoobar x

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  1. Natasha
    November 14, 2021 / 6:14 pm

    Inspiring post! You look amazing! Xxx

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