Feya Cafe review

Feya Cafe is a safe haven for shoppers and bloggers alike, an instagrammable cafe with good food at its soul. 

Instagrammable cafes have become ten a dozen in London and you do start getting sceptical about them. They may say that they have the best food but experience has taught me that this is not always the case. Feya cafe is based in St Christopher’s Place, just off Oxford Street right by Selfridges and has all the instagram points down with a pastel coloured window, faux florals on the inside and artistic cakes. The brainchild of Zahra Khan, a graduate of Gordon Ramsay’s Tante Marie cookery school, the cafe promises delicious food and desserts, and has become famous for its picturesque breakfast bowls.

I visited Feya cafe on a very hot Saturday, desperately wanting a cool drink and somewhere to sit and relax after a busy day. The inside of the cafe has marble tabletops and a faux cherry blossom tree lining its pink millennial ceilings. The breakfast/brunch menu is the real treat though, with created by Finnish cookbook author and Instagrammer  Virpi Mikonnen and each item is well thought out for its look and taste. From avocado roses, pink hummus to edible roses, the menu promised something different and instagrammable for visitors to devour. I chose the Lavender Lemonade and Strawberry Macaroon and found a hard earned seat outside to eat my dessert.

Though the Lavender Lemonade was an unusual combination, I actually really enjoyed it and it made the perfect accompaniment to my macaroon. I wish I had got a table on the inside to get some photos but I will definitely try to go there again.

For more information about Feya cafe see here.

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